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New York Bankruptcy Attorney

MAIN OFFICE:         225 Broadway, 38th Floor New York, NY 10007

Branch Locations:      Court Street, Brooklyn, Tremont Avenue, Bronx, and  Yorktown Heights, Westchester

New York Probate, Bankruptcy & Real Estate Attorney over 24 years of Experience


Experienced, Knowledgeable NYC Bankruptcy Lawyer: How can we help you?

At the Law offices of Jeffrey Weinstein, we can help you navigate through the complex process of filing for Bankruptcy in the state of New York. We have over 20 years of experience working with debtors, creditors, small business and families filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies.

New York Bankruptcy Attorney Bankruptcy may be your best opportunity for a fresh start; freeing you of that overwhelming burden of excessive personal, medical and credit card debt.

The recent changes in the bankruptcy law makes filing more complicated. The NY bankruptcy Lawyer at the Law offices of Jeffrey Weinstein would provide you with the best representation to achieve financial freedom from the burden of debt in New York

As a Top NY Bankruptcy Lawyer we offer Free Consultation. Call us at 212-693-3737

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New York Real Estate Lawyer

New York Real Estate Attorney


At the Law offices of Jeffrey Weinstein, we have both a Transactional (Buying and Selling) and a Real Estate Litigation Practice.

We have over twenty years experience representing clients in over one thousand transactions in New York.

Clients include individual purchasers, sellers, banks and financial institutions, cooperative buildings, developers, the local 1199 Hospital Workers Union and the AFL-CIO Union Plus members.

We also serve as the Court appointed Referee for the New York State Supreme Court on matters pertaining to Real Estate.

We represent the following Banks and Financial Institutions:

Bank of America, CitiMortgage, HSBC, Sovereign Bank, Sterling National Bank, MetLife Mortgage, Wells Fargo.

We look forward to representing you.

As one of the best New York Real Estate Lawyers we offer Free Consultation. Call us at 212-693-3737.

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Estate Planning & Wills and Trusts in New York

New York Estate Planning Lawyer

As an experienced New York Probate lawyer, we provide Estate and Tax Planning, Wills & Trusts and Business Succession Planning for families, individuals, small businesses and the GLBT community.

Since 1978, when Jeffrey Weinstein was a law clerk in the Tax Division of the US Attorneys Office of the Justice Department, he had developed a strong interest in Estate and Tax Planning.

When he entered private practice, he devoted a major portion of his practice to providing families with estate planning and tax planning in greater New York Metropolitan area from Rockland, Orange, Westchester Counties and, throughout the five (5) boroughs of New York City to Nassau and Suffolk Counties. This includes drafting Wills, Trust agreements, Partnership agreements and long term tax planning. At the Law offices of Jeffrey Weinstein, we have represented individuals and the membership of the following local unions: SIEU 1199, DC-37, the PBA and the UFA, the firefighters union.

Additionally, we have been a Court Appointed Guardian and served as a Court Appointed Referee, and have conducted seminars and lectures on Estate Planning in New York.

New York Estate Planning Attorney Services

Estate taxes can deplete up to 55% of the entire estate. Proper tax planning by our experienced New York Estate Planning Attorneys can reduce or even eliminate all or a substantial portion of estate taxes. We can shelter your estate - including assets from retirement accounts - from estate and income taxes to the full extent of the law.

Our goal is to probate your loved one's estate smoothly and as stress-free as possible and to preserve the estate's assets to provide heirs with the largest net estate possible. You worked hard to create your estate. We will help you preserve it.

We are a multilingual office with attorneys that are fluent in Spanish, Russian and Chinese

As a Top New York Wills & Trust Attorney we offer Free Consultation on:

  • Drafting a Will or a Trust
  • Probating a loved one's Estate
  • Creating an estate plan or contesting a will

For a free consultation call us at 212-693-3737.

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