5 Tips to Live Longer

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Everyone wants to lead a long and healthy life. But to have a wholesome life, you require a wholesome lifestyle. To pursue such longevity, there are a number of habits one can adopt and work on. Here are five such ways:

1) Follow the Greeks

No amount of efforts for a long life will bear fruit absent a healthy diet. According to a 2014 Harvard report, The Greek diet (or Mediterranean in general) is ideal for securing good health. This diet consists of Fish, vegetables, olive oil, fruits and nuts.

2) Drink Lots of Water

Our body is composed of over 70% water. Hence, it is imperative to consume at least eight cups of water each day. This not only keeps your kidneys in shape, it helps in blood circulation and substantially reduces risk of bladder cancer.

3) Get Married

Contrary to certain perceptions about the stresses of married life, marriage in fact leads to longevity. According to the Framingham Offspring Study, which was is long-term, ongoing cardiovascular study on residents of the town of Framingham, Massachusetts. married men have been found to a 46% lesser chance of death than unmarried bachelors. That is because marriage is found to have a positive impact on the heart health.

4) Please Sleep

Another way to reduce the mortality rate is by ensuring one gets proper sleep. The European Heart Journal published a series of studies in which it showed a co-relation between less sleep and heart attacks. The study noted that those people who have an habit of sleeping less than six hours have a greater chance of strokes or heart attacks.

5) Brisk Walking

Walking is a panacea for living longer; it is the best form of exercise. It benefits not just your muscles, but the brain, heart and skin as well. It helps in improving metabolism, and is the best way to lose body fat. And brisk walking is even better.

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