Jackie Gleason’s UFO houses for sale

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A recent Realtor.com story talks about how the late comedian Jackie Gleason’s two “UFO houses” in Peekskill, NY are on the market for $12 million.

The current owner, a retired orthodontist, bought the 8.5-acre property in Peekskill, NY, in 1976 for $150,000—roughly equivalent to $660,000 today. The property was listed this month for $12 million.

The buildings were designed and built to reflect Gleason’s fascination with flying saucers. In the mid-’50s, he had the compound of spaceship-shaped houses built as party houses. The main house was called the Mother Ship and a guest house called the Scout Ship. Here is a slide show of the two structures from Parade Magazine.

Everything inside Mother Ship is circular, with not one right angle. According to the NY Post, the home was “built by a shipbuilder in an airplane hangar, then disassembled and brought to the site.

The property was used mostly as a work retreat from The Honeymooners, but he also used the place for parties.

The main house has with four bars, and visitors included Gleason’s drinking and golfing pal, President Richard Nixon.

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