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Man accused by family of killing grandfather will represent himself in probate court

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A Vermont man, Nathan Carman, who was rescued at sea after going missing with his mother last year, has filed papers to represent himself in probate court to fend off a legal challenge by his aunts to declare him a killer. The legal action is an attempt by the aunts to bar him from receiving an inheritance from his murdered grandfather’s estate. Carman is a suspect in the murder of his grandfather.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reports the petition was filed by the three sisters of Linda Carman, Nathan’s mother, who was lost at sea while on that fishing trip with Nathan. Carman’s aunts allege that Carman committed the “heinous act” of shooting and killing John Chakalos in his Windsor, Conn. home in 2013 out of “malice and greed” and states “the petitioners believe that Nathan murdered their father, and they ask this court to so find.

Chakalos was shot three times in the head in his bed in December 2013 in his West Chesterfield, NH mansion. While no one has been charged in the murder, Police have publicly stated Nathan Carman is a suspect in the case.

His mother, Linda Carman is presumed dead and Carman is in line to collect the portion of the family estate that would have gone to his mother.

The petition claims his his aunts “seek to prevent that unjust result.” The action is known as the “slayer rule.” The rules states that

a murderer cannot retain a property interest in his victim’s estate. The slayer rule allows courts to presume the murderer disclaims their property interest, and therefore behave as though the murderer predeceased the victim. This has the effect of disqualifying the murderer from receiving property from the estate of the victim.

Nathan Carman currently has access to a $400,000 trust that was owned by him, Chakalos and his mother. He is now is now the sole owner of the trust..

The FBI and police from several New England states have been investigating the Chakalos murder and the disappearance of Nathan’s mother. Carman. They have obtained search warrants for Nathan Carman’s home, cell phone and vehicle.

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