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Man spends inheritance proving father murdered mother

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A Salt Lake City man spent his entire proving inheritence his father murdered his mother.

Back in 2012, when Pelle Walls and his siblings were told by their father that their mother committed suicide they were obviously devastated. But, the father’s behavior in the weeks following the suicide had Pelle thinking it was not, suicide, but murder, and his father was responsible for the death of his mother.

John Brickman Walls ex-wife was a well-known German scientist, Uta von Schwedler who was found dead in her bathtub and Salt Lake City, Utah, authorities rule it a suicide. But Pelle had other ideas.

Pelle started noticing his father acting strange, saying things like ‘What if I did it and don’t remember?’, and asking for both his mother and his lawyer.

Even though the verdict was suicide. Pelle decided to seek justice for his mother. A year after her death he moved out of his father’s home and in with a friend, and soon after managed to get all of his younger siblings taken away from his father and put in the care of family and friends.

When he turned 21, Pelle decided to use the inheritance from his mother to sue his father in a wrongful death suit, which meant his father could be questioned under oath in a court. Taking the stand, his father’s story of Uta’s death soon showed cracks as he repeatedly changed his story.

Pelle was also able to tell the court of his father’s strange behavior after breaking the news to his children of their mother’s death. Various press reports say Pelle recalled, ‘He was kind of babbling and rambling. But he was saying things along the lines of, “Am I a monster?” and “What if I did it and I can’t remember?” I think he also said, “I want my mom or I want my mommy.

Pelle hired an expert forensic scientist who testified that his mother’s body showed signs of a struggle before her death. The court found the father guilty of murder an he was sentenced from 15 years to life

The court case cost Pelle his entire inheritance.

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