Ralph Nader’s “Tort Museum”

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Famed consumer advocate, Ralph Nader has opened a very odd museum in Winstead, Connecticut called the American Museum of Tort Law

The centerpiece of the museum is the Corvair, the car that brought Nader to national Attention due to his book Unsafe at Any Speed.

Nader says it’s the only museum of its in the country. We think there might be a reason for that.

Quoted in the Hartford Courant, Nader said

There are 35,000 museums in the country, 62 medical museums, 31 timber-lumber museums sponsored by the industry largely, a museum for major fruits and vegetables, a garlic museum … a museum for every sport, plus every conceivable collectible,” he said. “How could a country dedicated to the rule of law not have a single law museum?

People will leave the museum and find that it connects with their experience. You know, ‘Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe, they were in a crash because GM didn’t recall the car because of the ignition switch’ or ‘We got sick from contaminated food that was not properly refrigerated,’” he said. “It really resonates. It affects people in their daily lives, their anxieties, their desires for justice for injuries or illnesses.

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