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Five Things You Should Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
The Law Office of Jeffrey L. Weinstein

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you get back on your feet financially. But there are five principles you must know, before you file to prevent surprises and new problems down the road. Chapter 13 is designed for individuals with debts and who have houses or other assets they want to preserve. If assets or debts…

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SAFE AT HOME – The Los Angeles Dodgers Bankruptcy
The Law Office of Jeffrey L. Weinstein

The Dodges filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Federal Court last month. How can a Team worth over $500 Million Dollars go broke? Fact is that Dodgers are not broke. They have a billion dollar contract with the Fox Network pending the approval of Major League Baseball. Bud Selig, the commissioner, refused to ratify the Dodgers…

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How Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Future
The Law Office of Jeffrey L. Weinstein

While filing a Bankruptcy will likely affect your credit in the short term, the long-term effects, with a few exceptions, will be minimum. Today the financial and credit world runs on “credit scores”. If an individual has a high credit score, 680 or higher, having a personal bankruptcy in one’s credit history will have little…

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