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What happens to your pets when you die?
The Law Office of Jeffrey L. Weinstein

Over 80 million people in the U.S. have at least one pet. That’s 65% of all households. Cats are more popular than dogs, but that’s still a ton of pets. There is a very good chance that they are treated as family members. Unfortunately, many people don’t include their furry loved ones in their estate…

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Locating missing heirs
The Law Office of Jeffrey L. Weinstein

Whether a family member dies with or without a Last Will & Testament, all interested parties must be located and notified of the decedent’s passing.Interested parties consist of all the heirs named in the Will or all distributees of the Estate. A distributee is a family member of the deceased who would inherit if there…

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What Happens When You Challenge a Claim Against an Estate?
The Law Office of Jeffrey L. Weinstein

Each year, it is increasingly common to see claims filed against an estate. This is because many people write their wills and trusts without a knowledgeable estate planning attorney present to help. It may also be due to increasing financial struggles and changing family dynamics. If someone is making a claim against an estate that…

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